Thursday, August 2, 2012

Artificial Peace/Exiled - Split 7"

No sense in leaving D.C. just yet. Here's a classic split 7" put out on Fountain Of Youth Records in 1982. Great stuff. And for shits and giggles I'll include a review I found on KFTH. I think he likes Exiled:

The Exiled! Wow, this is the one the world's been waiting for! As the name of the record label states, this music is totaly youthful. Derek Hsu, the lead singer, is known to most people (inside and outside of D.C.) as the walking fountain of youth which is why he decided to name his label this. The Exiled have the amazing line-up of Derek Shoe-vocals, Alan Spears-bass, Steve Webster-guitar, and John Sowalsky-drums. Included in the EP package is a sheet that has lyrics and pictures of the Exiled; you can put it on your wall if you like. This record is so great, a fresh and invigorating outlook on life is given to us all in the lyrics which are about subjects that no one has ever written about and are also very important. For example, "Day by Day" says, "Living on the streets, day to day, barely get buy, no job, no pay." Amazing! Sure I could go on about the intellectual significance and complex rhythmic schemes of these lines but that would take a year. Then in "Epilogue" Derek gets super political and philosophical when he declares furiously, "I want to live my life, I don't want it to end all of a sudden, when some stupid Russian pushes a stupid button and makes us all dead." What an intelligent statement. My mind is trying to cope with all these lyrics but they are just too incredible. The music is quite the same - incredible, amazing, great, and significant within all our lives. Artificial Peace is no match to the Exiled. I'm sure they must have paid tons of money to be on the same record as them. Get this one while it lasts!
-Colin Sears (from If This Goes On #3, June 1983)

Think For Yourself, Don't Think For Me

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