Thursday, August 30, 2012

Void - Condensed Flesh 7"

Behold the brutal beauty that was Void. They had only one official release, the classic Faith/Void Split in 1982, and of course a couple tracks on Flex Your Head. However, over the years more releases have popped up, including this 7" which is comprised of early recordings, but was released in 1992.

I Want To Die In A War!


  1. Hey man, I appreciate what you do. You are posting all the right shit for sure. Do you really have all these records? Great fucking taste in punk/hardcore! A who's who of my collection for the most part and right in line with my taste in punk/HC for the last 27 years. Keep it up!

    1. Hey gmac, thanks for the compliments. I actually do not own all these records. I've been a music collector my whole life. Although I do have a large number of records most of my collection always came from taping friends collections. And now with music blogs I'm able to find tons and tons of great stuff, which I present here.