Saturday, August 11, 2012

Poison Idea - Pick Your King 7"

In 1983 Poison Idea released 'Pick Your King', their debut 7". Some time that year I bought it off of a friend because I thought then (and still think now) that it was one of the best covers ever. Once I listened to the record I thought then (and still think now) that they are one of the best bands ever. From the non-stop, lightning fast delivery found on this release, to the slower, heavier sound on their late 80's releases, to their early 90's releases in which they became the heavyweight champions of hardcore. For me Poison Idea have always been the Kings Of Punk. And this 7" is where it all began.

This Thing Called Progress Makes Me Sick

Many moons ago I posted my favorite release, Feel The Darkness. If you haven't heard it, or just haven't heard it lately, do yourself a favor.

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