Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Trouble At The Cup 7"

What can I say about Black Randy? Well, thanks to the internet all I have to say is FOLLOW THIS LINK. I will say Black Randy was a true original. Here's the 1st 7" he released in 1977. And here's a small write up from another member of the Metrosquad:

DB: I can say anything I want to about Black Randy because he's dead. He was a tragic mixture of genius and self-abuse, writing lyrics in PCP/alcohol/diabetic stupors which mirrored the despair of the human condition in a way that deserved immortality. The Metrosquad, which I had the pleasure to direct musically, revelled in grotesque parody mixed with sophisticated musical texture.

So Black Randy had written some powerful lyrics and we set about putting those to music. "Trouble At The Cup" was recorded at what used to be a motel but got turned into sort of a recording studio — but you had to bring your own equipment. It was very different. John Doe, Exene and those guys all showed up really drunk. I don't think anyone could really later believe what came out of those sessions, and while the army of teenage hustlers never materialised to fight the LAPD, "Trouble At The Cup" still makes for a spunky number.

Give it a shot. It's crazy, but entertaining as hell.

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