Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Fix - Jan's Rooms 7"

So, of course I had the Process Of Elimination 7" back in the day and I loved it. One of the bands on the comp was The Fix, out of Lansing, MI. That was the only song I ever heard from them because, for some bizarre reason, whenever I heard or saw the band named it immediately brought to mind another band with a similar name. So I ignored them completely. Luckily, while perusing the great Bearded Menace blog I read the description of their discography CD and realized I'd made an error. And what an absolutely foolish error it was. These guys bring the brutal hardcore better than most. This is their second and final 7", released in 1981.

I Wanna Hear The Truth Right Now

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  1. Just now noticing this mention! Thanks. Doing something a little different now at BM, check it out if you haven't already.