Friday, August 31, 2012

Subhumans - E.P.L.P.

Let's end August with a bang. First post, the Subhumans. This LP was released in 1985 and contains the Subs' first 4 7"s.

What's Your Reason For Existence


  1. Bless you son, you're absolutely doing god's work here. I've been 'legitimately raping' your blog for the past couple of days. Thought I'd leave you at least a comment to let you know how much I do appreciate it.

    So many old favorites here that I'd lost or sold off so many years ago. It's gonna be a punk rock party at my house for a while. Thanks again!

    1. Welcome beatmichael. Yeah, I kinda like to think of myself as Jesus. Take all you want, my friend. I'll be sure to keep the blog good and lubed up for you!