Sunday, April 16, 2017

Jesus Skins + Jewdriver - Split

Well now here's something you don't see every day. A couple things, really. A split including Germany's Jesus Skins and America's Jewdriver. The Jesus Skins are... wait for it... an ultra christian skinhead oi band. The title of their half of the release apparently translates into a reference to a religious parable. I read somewhere the tracks themselves are reworkings of classic German HC tunes, with revised, christian lyrics. Bet you didn't expect that here, did you? Now the second half, that's where my money's at. Jewdriver is bunch of Oakland scenesters that got together to form a Skrewdriver tribute band. The catch, all the lyrics are very pro-judaism and Jewish lifestyle. Pastrami On Rye, Our Blame Is Goyim Glee, you get the picture.

 Neuer Wein In Alten Schläuchen / Hail The Jew Dawn

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  1. I don't know why but, I always felt a little let down by Jewdriver. I searched for this release for a long time, then when I actually heard it I was really disappointed. I was expecting something that would be a little more on the parody side. (I'd still like to hear the Jewdriver - Hanukkah Hangover ep.) Parody wise I think the band Fuckdiver does a pretty good parody of Skrewdriver songs.


    Brian Guy