Sunday, April 30, 2017

Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters - Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free

Al Jourgensen. Thoughts? Me, I think he's pretty bad ass. And I've ended up liking most of what he's touched. That said, like him or not, he's had a tremendously diverse career. From Techno to Synthpop to (of course) Industrial to Metal to Punk, you name it. And now... Country. That's right, Country! In 2011 ol' Uncle Al got together with his usual menagerie of artists and put out this thoroughly entertaining Industrial Country (Heavy Western?) album.

Sleepless Nights And Bar Room Fights

*Spoiler Alert*
If there's absolutely nothing you like about today's post you might want to go ahead and take next month off. Spend some time with the family. Come on back in June. For those that are staying, may I just say... yee haw!

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