Thursday, April 27, 2017

Re-Ups Coming

I'll be filling repost requests soon. So keep your pants on. Or don't... hell, let's party!


  1. I don't wear pants, too hot here in Texas.

    1. yeah, that's the reason you don't wear pants...

    2. Not really, you caught me. I like to flash the old ladies and see which ones I can get to flash back.

  2. Nice! Well, I have a good handful of things I'm looking for. That includes:

    Beaver - Beaver (2013 Reissue)
    BCT: Brain Of Stone
    BCT: Eat Me
    V/A - T.O. Hardcore '83
    V/A - Birth Defect
    V/A - Meathouse 1
    V/A - Medium Raw
    No Policy - MTL HC Demo
    V/A - America's Dairyland
    V/A - Empty Skulls
    Gay Cowboys In Bondage - The Completey Silly Discography
    Necros/White Flag - Jail Jello
    Necros - Live in Michigan '81
    Necros - Live @ Hittsville '81
    The Accused - 1984 Demos
    N.O.T.A. - Dave Scum Demo
    False Confession - 1983 Demo
    Genöcide/M.I.A. - Last Rites Split
    V/A - Busted At Oz
    Ludichrist - CBGB Off The Board
    Channel 3 - Live on KPFK 02.11.82
    Wasted Youth - Live At The Whisky '81
    Negative Approach - Live '82
    Deathwish - Tailgate 7"
    Psycho - 8-Song E.P. 7"
    Psycho - 6 Song E.P.-Son Of 8 Song E.P. 7"
    Malefice - Overboard 7"
    Deranged Diction - No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules
    Strike Under - Immediate Action
    E-13 - No Mercy For Swine 7"
    V/A - New Jersey's Got It?

    Also, if you have The Wards' Ripped Off In Boston tape and DXA's demo, those would be great too!

    Sorry for the long list, I'm just looking for a lot of stuff right now.