Friday, April 14, 2017

Manic Hispanic - Mijo Goes To Jr. College + Grupo Sexo

Ok, I'm back, so let's have some fun this weekend! Manic Hispanic is a "punk rock super group", originally formed in 1992 by Steve Soto and recently departed "Gabby" Gaborno. Think Angry Snowmans, but instead of Christmas the punk rock classics are given a Chicano reworking. Oh, and they also started some 20 years earlier. Fantastic stuff!


  1. Sorry you had pc troubles. Never actually sat down and listened to either of these records. They've alway been background music at parties, or, before shows start listening.

  2. You've got a great month of shares going here. I hope that you will post Angry Snowmans, and maybe Black Fag too!

    1. Hey jonder, the Snowmans is up now:

      As for Black Fag, that link is gone, but I'll re-up tonight. It'll soon be here: