Friday, April 28, 2017

Surf Punks - My Beach

Well, spring still hasn't sprung here at home, so to take our minds off of it let's head to the beach. Not sure what the story is behind these new wave goofballs but I always kinda liked this album. If nothing else for its sheer silliness. And isn't that what this month is all about?

Go Home!


  1. Come on down for a visit, buddy. You can get all of the summer you never wanted. Also, Surf Punks are still active. Can you believe that? Or, someone is using their name.

  2. If this was a hardcore band instead goofball new wave itd be so rad Id have to kick somebodys ass

  3. I bought this at Jelly's (Hawaii) way back when, it was a dollar and figured what the hell... at the time I hated it but as I got older it actually cracks me up to jam tunes like Shoulder Hopper