Saturday, January 28, 2012

V/A - 'Big City' Compilations

'Big City' was a record label out of New York. They had a very small output in the early 80's but did release these four fantastic compilations.
'Ain't Too Pretty' ws a 7" released in 1983. 8 N.Y. bands including Armed Response and Ultra Violence. Good and gritty.

Ain't Too Pretty

'Nice & Loud was also a 7" released in '83. 6 bands here, including Vatican Commandos and Reflex From Pain. My favorite of the 3 7"s.

Nice And Loud

4 More bands here, released in 1984. Probably the weakest of the 3 7"s.

Don't Want No Pity

Finally, in 1985, the full length 'One Big Crowd' was released. Many of the bands found on the 7"s are here as well as other regional bands. Great stuff from bands like Sheer Terror, Vatican Commandos, and Chronic Disorder, plus a fantastic Damned cover from Adrenalin O.D.

One Big Crowd


  1. can you please re-upload the "big city aint too pretty" 7"? please