Tuesday, January 24, 2012

V/A - Sound Of Hollywood Vol. 3 - Copulation

Mystic Records put out a ton of records, many of which were 'themed' compilations. Here's one of them which takes a shot at the police. 18 songs from 18 L.A. area bands, all of which have a bone to pick with the cops. I believe all songs can be found elsewhere, but it's nice to have them all right here. Some of the highlights are Ill Repute, S.V.D.B. and White Flag. There's also a very good song by the Mentors. Easily my favorite on the album.



  1. SoH 1 - Girls => 4shared.com/zip/c0ePlMvIce/1-_Girls.html?
    SoH 2 - Destroy LA => 4shared.com/zip/vo4OXI1Rce/2_-_Destroy_LA.html?