Friday, January 20, 2012

V/A - Revenge Of The Kamikaze Stegasaurus From Outer Space!

Ax/ction Records was a label out of the Northeast U.S. They put out some good aggressive stuff in their time. This compilation came out in 1988 and has a damn good lineup. And, because I'm on vacation and don't feel like making an effort, I'll copy and paste the following review from one of my favorite sites, Kill From The Heart:

An often overlooked compiliation from the 1980's with some real gems on it. Most bands on here are from New Hampshire and the greater Boston area of Massachusetts, and some of those bands including XYZ, Rise, Psycho, Cancerous Growth, and possibly others shared members. The best tracks on here come from Florida's legendary No Fraud, XYZ, The Scam, and the best track comes from The Stain, who do a crazy high pitched vocaled, anti-surfer skateboarding song. By the time this comp LP came out, some of the more well known bands on it such as Wretched and Ripchord (who were trying out the clean vocal approach at this time) had peaked. The Mentors contributed a live version of one of their pattented raunchy tunes that doesn't really do anything for me, and the Freeze contributed their mediocre at best, "Refrigerator Heaven" track which had previously appeared on the "Unsafe At Any Speed" comp EP put out by Modern Method in 1984. G.G. Allin throws on a piece of racist trash that should never have been allowed on the album in the first place. Also of note is that when this comp came out all songs on it were either unreleased or re-recorded. Overall, a pretty good comp that is worth it for the Stain song alone.



  1. Re-Up on Mediafire if possible - been looking for this one forever, Bro...

  2. L-RV, she's up. Here's the link:


  3. I don't think I can listen to the G.G. Allin track knowing that it contains racist sentiments. I am truly shocked to learn that G.G. was not politically correct.

    1. Ha! Yeah, quite surprising from such a fine upstanding young man like G.G. My guess is he just succumbed to peer pressure from some of those idiot punk rocker friends of his!