Thursday, January 19, 2012

V/A - 'Mystic Sampler' Compilations

By now everyone has heard of Doug Moody and Mystic records.Stories of questionable business tactics aside, Mystic put out a tremendous amount of good hardcore. In 1984 they released the Mystic Sampler. A collection of songs from some of that years' releases. An excellent idea and a great way to hear lots of bands. #1 is a great collection featuring Ill Repute, Manifest Destiny and even Suicidal Tendencies.


#2 was releassed in 1985 with the same premise as the first. Bands here include Dr. Know, Ill Repute and R.K.L.


Mystic Sampler #3 was released in 1986 with Government Issue, White Flag and Ill Repute included. I don't have this one. Does anyone out there still have a copy? I've been unable to locate it.