Monday, December 19, 2011

Angry Samoans - Back From Samoa

Here's one of the first punk albums I actually owned. Not the first, but one of the early ones. I remember seeing an ad in CREEM magazine for it (guitarist Gregg Turner wrote for it at the time). It was a hilarious ad so I searched it out, found a copy and loved it after the first listen. Short, rude and hilarious songs most of which are punk rock classics. It's just as good today as it was 30 friggin years ago! Original Samoans Metal Mike and Bill Vockeroth still play shows occasionally. I had the fortune of seeing them last year. The played a fantastic set which brought back tons of memories. (sniff,sniff, dammit i promised myself I wouldn't cry!)

I'm Not Of This Earth


  1. Hey Dr. Drunk you have a great place here I linked your blog on Hangover Heart Attack, keep this good work...thanks

  2. Thank you! it's good to hear someone's enjoying it!

  3. Seriously, Doc, get outta Mediafire - they're a bunch of worthless wanks - OpenDrive, Box - anyone else but them. Oh, DepositFile sux as well - and yer doin' great with zippyshare. PLEASE find more obliging sites. And thank you for providing the soundtrack from my childhood. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ya don't gotta worry about that, my friend. Mediafire gave me the boot! Bastards!