Thursday, December 29, 2011

Subhumans - The Day The Country Died

The (U.K.) Subhumans were another one of my absolute favorite bands way back when. They originally formed in 1980 and released a flurry of classic U.K. hardcore between '81-'84. They originally broke up in 1985 but released two more L.P.'s which showed a slower and a far more musically competent sound. Dick, the vocalist, and Trotsky, the drummer, went on to form Citizen Fish. The Subhumans resurfaced from time to time in the nineties and came back seemingly for good with a new release in 2007 and subsequent tours. I was lucky enough to see them a couple years ago and they put on a great show. Brought back tons of memories. This is their 1983 full length debut.

It's 1984 And It's All Gone Dead


  1. Nice Blog ...I'm Looking For The Subhumans " Pissed Off with Good Reason " Do You Happen To Have It ?? If So Please Post Thank You

    1. here's a link: