Thursday, December 22, 2011

Psycho - 6 Song E.P.-Son Of 8 Song E.P. 7"

I really liked this 7" but never knew anything about the band, so I went searching for info. Here's what I found on their Facebook page:

Psycho started as a punk band with pop overtones but were strongly influenced by the burgeoning hardcore scene and eventually became a strictly hardcore band. They were at their best during the transition, adding hardcore energy to their pop punk melodies. During this period, they released the first and best of their records, imaginatively called "8-Song EP." It was recorded at Radiobeat Studios and released in 1983 on their own Ax/ction Records.
"Kids Are For Trix," a song penned by Normal about a jaded pimp hustling child prostitutes, became a minor college radio hit. It earned the band a slot at WBCN's Rock and Roll Rumble in 1983. The winner that year was 'Til Tuesday.
Unhappy with the new direction, singer Mick Keddy left the band in early 1984 and was briefly replaced by Joe Glassman who was shortly thereafter replaced by Mega (full name, Wayne Megerdichian). At about the same time, drummer Denny Disorder left to make money playing traditional Irish music. He was replaced by Charlie Infection who also played in Cancerous Growth and the two bands often toured together. Psycho turned significantly more hardcore with this lineup and they put out "6-Song EP, Son of 8-Song EP" in 1985 and the full-length "Hosebags From Hell" LP in 1986.

My Baby's Got P.M.S.(fixed)

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