Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Merry Christmas on and all! Here's a few classic records celebrating the birth of our fictional Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Feederz - Jesus 7"

An all-time classic obnoxious song from an all-time classic obnoxious band. The Feederz hailed from Phoenix, AZ and put out several rude records throughout their on again off again career. Pure venom, and alot of fun.

I Hate Him And I Want Him Dead

Fear - Fuck Christmas 7"

Another rude band with another rude Christmas song. Side B is not so rude. It's the same song, only censored.

Don't Despair Just Because It's Christmas

Ludichrist - Immaculate Deception
Ludichrist was a hardcore band from New York. Rather than play the typical combat boot stompin' NYHC they opted for a bit of a metal edge. They released two L.P.'s before morphing into the punk/metal/humor band Scatterbrain.

Most People Are Dicks

Dr. Know - Plug-In Jesus
Another Nardcore band. Dr. Know released several masterpieces during their original run (1981-1986) before crossing over to a metal sound. for a 1988 release. This is one of my absolute favorite records. Damn damn good stuff. You just can't find much better than 'Life Returns'. They were primarily inactive during the 90's but resurfaced to re-release some old stuff as well as record some new stuff throughout the aughts. Their last release, 'Killing For God', was in 2008.

God Told Me To

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