Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Peace Corpse - Quincy 7"

Peace Corpse was a noisy little band from southern California. The members started Toxic Shock Records (now Toxic Ranch) Which put out some great stuff in the 80's. Couldn't find much ifo on the band, other than the following, from the Toxic Ranch website:

What can I say about my own band PEACE CORPSE? We had fun poking fun at the absurdities of the time including the media's stereotypes of punk culture. Our early history is documented with our 6 song "Quincy" 7"EP. The later Peace Corpse years are somewhat embarrassing when we began to take ourselves too seriously (the "Terror of History" 12") but the Neil Young cover from the ill -fated Budget Ranch box set (delayed for at least a year with only 350 made of the intended 1000) is worth looking for.

Remember the infamous 'punk rock' episode from Quincy? A couple songs take aim at that, with the others about politics and religion. A good, interesting 7".

Life Is Not Easy On N.B.C.(fixed)

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