Saturday, December 17, 2011

Government Issue - Boycott Stabb

D.C. stalwarts Government Issue have an incredible body of work. They released many L.P.'s and 7"s between 1980 & 1989. The early stuff being a great representation of harD.C.ore and as the years passed they got more musical and met the D.C. post-punk sound head on. They broke up in 1989, but in 2000-01 the released the Complete History. A great 4 disc collection that should be owned by all. I couldn't decide which early release was my favorite to post here. It was either 1983's Make An Effort 7" or the Boycott Stabb E.P. from the same year. Obviously Boycott Stabb won out.

I'm A Puppet On A String


  1. The fun just never ends...I know different record. Thanks for this.