Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mighty Sphincter - Ghost Walking Double E.P.

Let's end the year on a weird note. The Mighty Sphincter came from Phoenix, AZ. They began with a great, crazy hardcore sound, but evolved into a bizarre goth band. The double E.P., released in 1985, kinda shows both sides of the coin. Hence, the title. The first side is loud, weird punk. The second, after kicking out the original vocalist, is more loud, weird goth. Huh?

This Is A Waltz In Hell


  1. Want to know what Ron Reckless (original singer for M.S.) is up to? His appeal for a new trial for his manslaughter conviction was denied and out come the facts why he killed an old woman back in 2009. Driving while high on methadone, xanax, and klonapin.

    1. Well, just google Ronald Denton Grotjan, Ron Reckless' real name.

  2. Hey, Dr Drunk! How are you?
    Sad news it looks like Ron is dead now due to cancer. It's sad to realize. I was hoping to hear some new weird songs from MS.
    Excuse me for my english, I'm russian, so english is not my native language. :(

    1. I'm good, El. Thanks. Don't worry about your English, mine isn't great either!!
      Yes, I guess Ron had a rough life over the last few years. Sad, really.

    2. Ron did die of cancer.
      He died June 6, 2016 at 3:21 p.m.
      I was Ron's wife from December '87-June '16.
      The truth is Ron was very ill for several years.
      Yes, Ron had a massive stroke while driving in '09, yes, we trusted a public pretender when he was charged in '12. Big mistake.
      He was charged with negligent homicide and reckless endangerment.
      He served 4 years until Governor Ducey granted him clemency.
      Ron died at home with his wife, daughter and friends.
      Ron left a lot of music, art and writings behind.

      Ron was good people.
      I got to see Mighty Sphincter live many times. Not something one forgets.

    3. I wouldn't believe everything I read online 're: Arthur.
      Just because something is in the newspaper, even it's a small paragraph, doesn't make it the truth.
      Why A would want to push people down when they don't know what happened, is pathetic to me.