Thursday, December 1, 2011

D.Y.S. - Brotherhood

D.Y.S. was a straight edge band out of Boston. They took their name, Department of Youth Services, from a Boston organization that houses delinquent youth. Here's the band info from their Myspace Page:

Formed at ground zero of Boston's legendary straight edge hardcore scene, DYS rose out of SS Decontrol's Boston Crew, going on to help establish the city as a center of the movement along with Negative FX and Last Rights. Their debut album "Brotherhood" was released by SSD's X-Claim records, recorded at legendary 8-track Boston studio Radiobeat, and produced by Lou Giordano who went on to work with Husker Du. The album cover was designed and drawn by future Mighty, Mighty Bosstone Dickie Barrett, an early fan and friend. "Brotherhood" was classic old-school thrash, with lyrics dedicated to straight edge values and personal politics. Original pressings sell on ebay today for over $200.

This is their classic E.P. from 1983. Afterwards they added a second guitarist and moved to the land of metal. They released one 'metal' album in '85 before splitting. Members went on to various bands such as Dag Nasty and Slapshot. An early demo was released in '89 as well as all 3 together on a CD called 'Fire & Ice'. They've recently reformed to record and tour.

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