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Chaotic Dischord - Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You + Don't Throw It All Away

The Chaotic Dischord story is, in my opinion, a fantastic chunk of punk rock history. But I'll just screw up the retelling, so I'll let Kill From The Heart provide the story:

The Chaotic Dischord story begins when Simon Edwards of Heartbeat Records label and UK punks Vice Squad were attempting to compile the Riotous Assembly compilation LP in 1981 to document the blossoming UK punk scene. After putting out a request in Sounds for demo tapes from bands wanting to be on the compilation, Simon Edwards was approached by one of the members of Vice Squad's touring entourage with a tape labeled Chaotik Dischord. According to Edwards, "It scared the pants off me! Chaotik Discord had to go on the album." The band name ended up being misspelled on the LP, forever changing the name of the band to Chaotic Dischord.

Chaotic Dischord appeared to be a mystery though. With just a tape, Edwards had no way to contact them except through Vice Squad. Vice Squad then tricked Edwards into thinking Chaotic Dischord were a new band from Swindon, who, according to him, "due to their 'hardcore image,' didn't want to meet the label, or use any of their names - instant punk credibility thought I - foolishly!"

In reality, Chaotic Dischord was comprised of half of Vice Squad along with members of their road crew. Edwards was reportedly not pleased upon finding this out. He got over it though, and the band went on to be the most prolific band on Riot City Records and ironically one of the label's best sellers. The Fuck The World single even reached number 7 on the UK Indie Singles chart. However, not everyone was a fan, especially not Sounds editor Gary Bushell.

The band's music, err, noise, was about as basic as you could get. The songs were sloppy and chaotic with snotty vocals talked, shouted, yelled, screamed, or screeched over the music. This was part of the appeal of the band though since most other UK punk bands were about playing tight and having a great sound. Chaotic Dischord couldn't have given a shit less about that. However, the band did not produce just complete crap for songs. On the contrary, songs such as "Who Killed ET? (I Killed The Fucker!)" and "Cliff" were just as strong, powerful, and anthematic as any other of the top UK punk bands at the time with great, catchy sing-a-long choruses.

Lyircally, the band also employed some of the most blatently offensive, vulgar lyrics the punk rock world has ever heard. Just take a look at any of their song titles to see where they were coming from. They also took shots at political bands such as Chaos U.K. and Ripcord in other songs. Chaotic Dischord was truly one of the first ever (if not the first) "Chaos Punk" bands.

Constantly outdoing themselves, the band naturally became better musicians and tighter as time went on. The songs began to have more structure to them with the release of Now! That's What I Call A Fuckin' Racket in 1985, after the Riot City Records had folded. However, the music still remained good, and the lyrics became more as poignant yet as crude and obscene as ever.

By 1988, the band became imitators of themselves. Very Fuckin' Bad was merely a parody of Goat Fuckin' Virgin Killerz From Hell, and, upon poor record sales, the band disintegrated. Their mark had been left forever though, and their influence can still be clearly be seen in today's punk scene. They will go down in history as one best, or worst, depending on the listener's opinion, punk bands of all time with one of the most befitting band names ever.

Here's the yobs in all their 1983 glory. The version I present here is the 90's re-release that includes the 'Don't Throw It All Away' EP from '84.

Loud, Tuneless & Thick

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