Friday, February 7, 2014

Nihilistics - Fuck The Human Race

From Trouser Press:

The Nihilistics were a stupid, obnoxious hardcore band from Long Island, New York. Their lyrics were predictable banalities, and their attitudinizing was irritating.

Yeah, so? The first Nihilistics full length (found HERE) was an absolute angry masterpiece. You can just feel the hate coming thru. This is their 3rd LP, from 1990. While it does lack some of the full powered hateful aggression, it's still a very good, and very rude release.

I would also like to take this time to thank the mighty Brootlyn Zu for hooking me up with their discography. More of them will slowly ooze onto this site like a picked scab.

Find Your Own Personal Hell


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  2. Dr. can you reuploud this Nihilistics - "Fuck The Human Race" album?

  3. Who's imagine us that?? in bathroom??

    1. Just google 'drunk' images. So many great pictures!