Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Bugs - Self-Titled

I gotta give a quick shout out to Zodiac Killer Records. You should check them out and give 'em a few bucks. I did a while back and not only did they send me the discs I wanted, but they send me two extra discs. One of which was this one. The Bugs is the obnoxious side project of Queers bassist Dangerous Dave. And here's what their Facebook page has to say:

The Bugs are plain ol' punk band. You won't hear political preaching or crying about a girlfriend. What you get is a band that will take your mind off all the bullshit that goes on in this fucked up world..for a few minutes at least. Well, for a few seconds, depending on what song you listen to.
If you are some PC whiner, please listen to the band and post your comments on some website that nobody with a sense of humor frequents.

So RELAX!, and enjoy.

I Never Went Gay


  1. Good friend of mine Kyle Janovick is the drummer. Great band out of San Diego! If you love the Queers, you love the BUGS!

  2. I`ve got their newer album "Missile To The Middle East" (which is killer) if you want it.

    1. Please! I would love to have that one, Niles. Thank you!