Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rancid Vat - The Darkest Souls In Rock 'N' Roll

Rancid Vat was born and raised in Portland, OR in 1980. They came of age in Philadelphia, PA in the 90's and are now old and bitter in Austin, TX. Over 30 years of pissing people off... nationwide! A true national treasure. Here is their 1999 release. Unfortunately one song cuts off, but what really makes it all worth it is the final, 25 minute track "Live Radio Fiasco". This truly manages to catch the absolute anarchy of a Rancid Vat show, right down to the sudden ending. Here's a brief description of that broadcast taken from the website of a Real American Hero 'Thee Whiskey Rebel':

Live at WKDU. We played live again on the radio with very different results. We had gotten along well with the professionals at WFMU and it was a let down to play a college station run by crusty punks who smelled bad. We tried to get through our set without cursing. Perfect was the first to "slip" and then the floodgates opened..a tidal wave of profanity. It wound up with the plug being pulled after about 12 minutes, but not before Cosmo threatened over the air to "mentally and physically rape" the station manager who had called in and insisted on kicking us off the air.

In a word: Classic. I've added several hard-to find 7"s to my want list. I'd love it if someone could help a doctor out.

Loser Leave Town

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