Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kill Allen Wrench - My Bitch Is A Junky

When International Superstar, Mr. Allen Wrench wasn't leading Punk Rock's Most Important Band, Kill Allen Wrench, he was busy being accused of killing Kurt Cobain and possibly El Duce. Well I can certainly can neither confirm nor deny the validity, a story can be found HERE. I CAN confirm this 1998 release is chock full of songs about Alcohol, Drugs, Sex & Violence. And dammit, I think it's entertaining. By the way, anyone have his 2002 7"?

Can't Stop Getting High


  1. I have the "Live in Amsterdam and Berlin" 7 inch that came out in 98 or 99. I mail ordered it from him years ago. He sent a ton of stuff with it, including an autographed picture of him smoking crack. no joke. It did take like 4 months to get it though.

    1. Ha! That's a great story! Any chance you could up that 7" to me? I'd appreciate it. Doc