Sunday, February 9, 2014

Puke, Spit & Guts - Eat Hot Lead

I've been unable to find a lot of info on this band of degenerates. I did find this humorous description however from the still missed Last Days blog:

The one thing that the punk and biker subcultures of the 1970’s shared was a mutual penchant for nihilism. Remember…the bikers at Altamont were just as responsible for ending the 1960’s dream as The Stooges.

So your average biker rock band dug punk from a totally misanthropic perspective. There were no political opuses from biker-punk bands. There were no positive vibes to be had. They wouldn’t have called your idealistic yearnings and your heart on your sleeve melodrama “emo”. They would just call you a pussy. You woulda been their “punk” in the classical sense.

Instead…biker punk songs were about rape, incest, murder and torture with a double-dose of misogyny thrown in. All set, of course, to 3 chord sub-standard riffage with just a hint of chooglin’ boogie woogie grease.

The pinnacle of the biker punk subgenre was the 1980 classic Eat Hot Lead by Puke Spit and Guts. Look at these fuckers! Dr Worm’s holding a sawed off shotgun and a bottle of bum liquor. Marie Manslaughter? Dick Head? Do I even need to comment on these two degenerates? And of course my favorite…Stuicide. What’s the deal with him?

And this nugget from the still great Glorify The Turd:

I’m not the first person to write about these guys and, according to some Punk historian (Henry Rollins?), bass player Dick Head tried to beat the shit out of Ian MacKaye after he blew his bass amp when the Teen Idles opened for them at a Mentors gig in California. I stare at the picture of Mr. Head and envision him chasing Ian MacKaye around the parking lot. Too bad he didn’t catch him—and kill him!

Any questions?!

Don't You Know I Got Some Fuckin' Class

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