Friday, February 14, 2014

Sluts - 12" Of Sluts

The Sluts were an early 80's band from New Orleans. This, I believe, is their only release, from 1983. Here's what MRR's Jeff Bale had to say about it:

A raw garage punk album by a band out of New Orleans. The music is exceedingly primitive, with fuzzy two-chord guitar, nasty vocals, and a very fast tempo. I'd recommend it without hesitation on that basis, but the lyrics cross the fine line between scatological humour and gross ignorance on more than one occasion (especially the racist "Poor Blacks"). Still, how can you criticize a record with a song called "Mom's Cunt" on it?
-Jeff Bale (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #5, March/April 1983)

I Just Wanna Use You


  1. Vocalist Dee Slut (Dave Turgeon) was runner-up to sing for Black Flag when Dez decided to switch to guitar, but obviously, the job went to Henry Rollins. Once or twice a year, he teams up with local New Orleans punk band Die Rotzz and they do a set of old Sluts tunes and he is still as energetic as ever, and still uses a 300 foot mic cord and runs outside to scream Sluts lyrics at passersby and motorists.

    1. cool update, thank you. I love the idea of him yelling at people on the street. Classic!